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Last updated: 9/19/2012
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Here's what people are saying about My Marathi... (thanks!)

"This looks like a great tool.... I only had about 30 minutes to browse through last night (and wish I had more!!) but I went straight to the "conversation" section and thought it was very easy to understand and particularly easy to follow along with all of the lessons. I also looked through the grammar and vocab sections. The best part is the ability to hear the words/phrases/conversations spoken slowly, then spoken at normal pace/pronunciation... The CD is very professionally done (it is comparable to what I would expect from a business-travelers crash course in a foreign language). I plan to do a little bit each day to help me learn the vocab and the grammar!"

- Rachana Bhide

Chicago IL

“I just wanted to tell you that I started working on the Marathi CD and it is excellent.  The grammer section is done very well- thanks very much for putting this together… Again, you have really done a service to the next generation of Marathi kids.”


-Seema Kakade

Baltimore  MD

My Marathi
Created by Hemangi Joshi-Deodhar
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