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Last updated: 9/19/2012
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Frequently asked questions on running My Marathi...

1. "My Marathi does not start automatically when I insert the CD..."Open an explorer window and try double clicking on the launch.exe file to launch either CD.

2. "While running CD2 I don't see Marathi characters in Vocabulary searches." You may need to manually install the MKanak.ttf font file to view the Marathi font- particularly on CD2. See the HELP screen on CD1 for instructions on how to do this.    

3. "I installed the Runtime version of Microsoft Access off of CD1, but the Conversations or Vocabulary Modules still won't open..." If you have a version of Microsoft Access older than 2003, your computer may default to trying to open these modules with your existing software instead of using the Access 2003 Runtime version you just installed. Try using a Windows Explorer window, go into the Bin folder on one of the My Marathi CDs, and right click on the Conversations.mdb file (on CD1) or the Vocabulary.mdb file (on CD2). After right clicking, select "Open With..." and select the "Microsoft Access" (not "for windows"

Now that you have directed your computer to which version of MS Access to use, if you try opening one of the databases from the My Marathi pull down menus, either the conversations or vocabulary databases should open using the more recent version.

Please let me know if you want to share any other tips/experiences with loading/running the CDs.

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