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Last updated: 9/19/2012
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My Marathi starts from the basics of the Marathi language. The GRAMMAR Module starts with a thorough explanation of the sounds that make up Marathi words, and goes on to teach the learner about nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, etc in order to put together sentences. The CONVERSATIONS Module is a parallel path you can use to immerse yourself in the Marathi language by learning through conversations. The interactive VOCABULARY dictionary allows a user to search for the words they are looking for by the meaning, what the word sounds like, part of speech, etc. The CULTURAL Module covers a variety of Maharashtrian cultural customs.

Throughout the CDs there are translations, text written in Marathi, and Marathi text written phonetically in English. There are over 12,000 professionally recorded sound bytes to illustrate proper pronunciations.

The folllowing demonstration in Microsoft Powerpoint will give you an idea of some of the screens and functions that My Marathi provides as tools to learn or improve your Marathi.

The My Marathi set comes with two CDs

 and a user's manual to step you through

 installation and use of the CDs.

Click Here to download My Marathi Demo (Microsoft PowerPoint File)

My Marathi
Created by Hemangi Joshi-Deodhar
Copyright 2005