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Last updated: 9/19/2012
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My Marathi is an interactive CD-based Marathi language learning tool for English speakers who want to learn or improve their Marathi. The 2-CD set contains four major modules:


My Marathi users are able to target the tools that will bring them the most value. For example, a user who is more comfortable with listening to and practicing conversations, can start with the CONVERSATIONS module. Another can start with the GRAMMAR module to learn the basis of Marathi alphabet sounds to build words and sentences to learn to read and write as they learn to speak. Others can focus on learning VOCABULARY through the interactive vocabulary database complete with sound bytes of words spelled out phonetically for ease in reading. Still others can choose the CULTURE module to learn about some varied information about Marathi culture and heritage.


My Marathi is a completely non-profit project built by the next generation for the next generation. All proceeds from sale of the CDs will be donated to worthwhile Indian charities through the Maharashtra Foundation. So buying and using “My Marathi” will help others while you help yourself become closer to your heritage.

Please use the links from the left hand menu to learn more about the contents of the CDs and to see a demonstration of some of the functions available. If you would like to be a mentor for others trying to learn or improve their Marathi, contact Hemangi at

My Marathi
Created by Hemangi Joshi-Deodhar
Copyright 2005